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Rose-Marie, commonly known as Flower, are a repeating reputation of your Vampire Diaries

Rose-Marie, commonly known as Flower, are a repeating reputation of your Vampire Diaries

Flower was an effective vampire while the companion out-of other vampire Trevor. Whenever Katerina Petrova are on the move away from Niklaus Mikaelson, Trevor aided the girl refrain and you will sent her to Flower to track down help. While in its hide out, Katherine conned Rose on feeding the lady vampire blood and killed herself to make to your a great vampire also. Klaus pursued Rose, Trevor, and you may Katherine to own five hundred ages due to their positions inside the allegedly stop the fresh Petrova bloodline and you may damaging his chance at the cracking their curse. Whenever Rose and you will Trevor read of your life regarding a 3rd doppelganger, Elena Gilbert, they kidnapped the young lady hoping of investing her having their liberty. However, whenever you are Klaus’ cousin and you will cohort, Elijah, pardoned Flower for her role in assisting Katherine’s eliminate due to her support for the the lady buddy, he murdered Trevor to possess betraying his support in order to your and you will Klaus. Rose following fled immediately following Elijah is staked and you may purportedly killed by Damon Salvatore.

She after joined pushes on the Salvatore brothers to overcome Klaus together with a short intimate experience of Damon in quiero ios citas the process. She are bitten by Jules, a beneficial werewolf, and you will is sooner or later mercy-murdered and you may guess of the Damon, who cared regarding this lady and you can wished to stop her suffering.

This lady ghost went to Jeremy when you look at the 12 months about three when he, Elena, and you can Damon was indeed trying to learn and therefore Totally new vampire sired their bloodline. Flower found she was became from the Mary Porter.


Flower grew up in 1450 in the St. Austell, The united kingdomt. She are after turned-in 1472 because of the Mary Porter. When you look at the 1492, the girl pal Trevor sent Katerina Petrova for the bungalow where it had been staying to cover up regarding Niklaus Mikaelson. Flower are crazy whenever she heard Katerina got escaped regarding Klaus to the moonstone and dreaded retaliation off Klaus as he read off exactly what she had over. She locked Katerina within the a space that have aim out of returning the woman so you can Klaus after sunset. Katerina, desperate to avoid being sacrificed to-break Klaus’ hybrid curse, stabbed herself regarding instinct and you can was about in order to die. Rose, reluctant to face Klaus’ wrath in the event the he discovered Katerina had died on her view, fed the woman her vampire blood to fix the lady, maybe not with the knowledge that this is a trick into the Katerina’s region so you can get Rose giving the woman what she needed to endure.

Whenever Rose happen to remaining Katerina by yourself to talk directly that have Trevor about what they had a need to carry out, Katerina strung by herself, and because she got Rose’s bloodstream within her system, she up coming awoke since the a vampire into the transition. She completed the new transition from the eating towards the peoples manager off the latest bungalow after Rose affect guess their when you’re seeking eliminate Katerina. Flower was annoyed at the girl for it betrayal, since the there are no individual to keep unwelcome vampires of the underworld aside of the bungalow, and you can Katerina’s blood are now don’t practical for the routine to-break Klaus’ curse. Rose angrily stated that Katerina had closed all of their dying phrases because of the girl procedures, but Katerina responded, “Top you die than just I,” and fled in advance of Rose and you will Trevor you will definitely hook the woman. Flower and you can Trevor, knowing that Klaus could well be out due to their blood from inside the abuse having affect helping inside Katerina’s stay away from, and you can proceeded the newest work at a short while later to full cover up of Klaus and you will the remainder Totally new vampires of the underworld.

On Vampire Diaries Show

This year, Rose and you can Trevor found the current presence of some other people Petrova doppelganger and you may decided to kidnap the woman and trading their life for their freedom. Once it got Elena inside, she stepped when you look at the to the Trevor trying to get a taste from blood from Elena, but she prevented him. If you’re Rose and Trevor was talking, Elena read their talk and you will requested which Elijah was. She noticed concern for them at the thought off their arrival. When he turned up, Elijah secured the lady that he has the capacity to forgive her or him. She believed that they might getting totally free immediately following half of a century out of powering for their lifestyle. However, Elijah, in the event he previously the advantage to do this, killed Trevor getting his treason facing him or her. Actually nevertheless, Elijah provided Flower the fresh new versatility she need, pointing out the fact that he may regard that she aided Trevor due to their support to the your. Stefan and Damon next bankrupt during the, as they were hoping to find Elena. Damon wager Elijah with a jacket rack in addition they escaped. Flower after visited the fresh new Salvatore Boarding Home and you may advised Stefan you to definitely he’d you want the girl help once the other countries in the Originals was coming getting Elena after they learned away from their lifetime. She reported that they might do so for Klaus, as he would want to sacrifice Elena to-break a curse.

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